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Intelligent Accountability

All Californians have a stake in our children’s education, so it’s critical we all know how our schools are doing. More importantly, the right information in the right hands can enable schools to best meet the needs of students.

But not all information is created equally. Student learning is what matters. Specifically, all kids, regardless of race, family income or ZIP code, need to meet rigorous academic standards, essential to succeed in college and the workforce of the 21st century. We need to honestly measure progress of all subgroups of students towards achieving this goal. And we need to know how students are performing compared to students with similar backgrounds in other schools to understand how to best help all kids succeed.  Then we need to put that information to good use.

Data needs to be made available to researchers, policymakers and educators to identify and implement best practices.  And we especially need to drive change in the schools with a history of persistent failure of adults in serving the needs of all students.

Advocating to untie the hands of educators and school leaders, EdVoice works to transform accountability from excessive focus on inputs to holding local schools accountable for results—the achievement of all students. 

Click here to read the letter from EdVoice and more than a dozen other California organizations supporting the latest proposed ESSA regulations and their focus on equity and the needs of students. 

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