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For too many children, particularly kids from economically disadvantaged families, the ZIP code in which they live determines the quality of their education.   Although there are notable islands of excellent public schools including public charter schools, too often California’s persistently low performing schools are found in low-income and minority neighborhoods.   This injustice of adults failing children perpetuates cycles of poverty and denies kids the opportunity to better their own lives and to lift up their communities.

Public school choice empowers families to pick the public schools their children attend.  Some families opt to send their children to public charter schools which are open to all students and are often hotbeds of innovation with an unwavering focus on results. Other families are better served by a traditional public school in another district. At the same time this choice stimulates competition and innovation among public schools to improve student achievement.

But these public school options for families don’t just happen. EdVoice fights to empower families to pick a public school that best meets the needs of their child. To enable families to make the best informed decision for their child, EdVoice works to ensure unbiased information on student learning in all public schools is easily accessible.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 27, 2016

The Legislative Analyst's Office Reports on Success of District of Choice Program

Finds California Students fare better with Districts of Choice Program

SACRAMENTO:  EdVoice applauds today’s recommendation of the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) to extend the Districts of Choice Program and eliminate the cap that unfairly limits kids’ access to great public schools. The comprehensive study finds the program provides students with additional educational options and that both the transfer students and the home districts show academic improvements. The LAO report recommends that the program be extended as it has helped students and schools improve.

Full release here 

February 28, 2017

Click here to view a statewide poll which finds overwhelming support for the School District of Choice program. 


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