What are deferrals?

Deferrals are payments to schools which the state delays to balance its budget. Schools wait months and even into the next year while the money is used to fund the rest of state government. After years of accumulation, these late payments to California schools total billions of dollars. And since the delay happens year after year, it has effectively become a cut. Schools never catch up on the money they are owed and need, because when one deferral ends, another begins. See how it works.

Send a letter to your legislators to oppose the harmful gimmick today! With the Governor’s leadership, in 2013 the state paid down $4 billion in deferrals, but $6 billion remain. What does this mean for kids? Schools are forced to effectively go out and get payday loans to keep their doors open! And interest paid on loans takes dollars out of the classroom. Worse still, because the cycle never stops, for all intents and purposes, this is a $6 billion cut. Deferrals are also distributed inequitably, hurting some districts and schools more than others, often those with the kids with the greatest need. Learn how much money has been deferred from the 2013-14 school year from your local school district or charter public school.

Search for your school districts or charter school in the tool below to see how much of their vital funds have been deferred until next year, both in total and per student dollars. Take action and send a letter to your legislators – ask them to stand up for kids and stop this budget gimmick.

Learn how much your school loses here.

Traditional public schools are grouped by district as school level data is not available.


More questions? Email deferrals@edvoice.org.