August 29 | Huffington Post

By Alice Johnson Cain, Pam Chirichigno and Tyler Malotte

As the political spotlight turns to Tampa and Charlotte, politicians in Sacramento are poised to quietly betray the future of the roughly 12 percent of the nation's children who attend school in California. The legislation on the table, AB 5, would turn back the clock on recent reforms and the hard work of teachers across the state. Not only that, but this fundamentally flawed bill has the audacity to take $89 million away from the state's highest-need schools in order to pay for its implementation.

California's economy continues to struggle to the extent that some teachers have been warned that they face an unprecedented 20 furlough days later this year. Yet the state legislature is prepared to enact a bill that would virtually ensure that the state loses out on $40 million through Race to the Top, and a much-needed ESEA waiver that would bring flexibility for state spending of $350 million in federal dollars on behalf of students statewide.


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