January 22 | EAG News

By Ashleigh Costello

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Across the nation a debate is raging about the fairness of linking teacher evaluations to student standardized test scores...

...District officials say test scores and the accompanying data are useful tools that help identify areas where students and teachers need to improve.

And the students, despite numerous socio-economic challenges, have performed very well.

Living in a school district just 15 minutes from the Mexican border, more than one-third of Chula Vista students are English-language learners and nearly 50 percent qualify for subsidized lunches. Yet Chula Vista students are outperforming their peers in many more affluent districts throughout the state.

Chula Vista spokesman Anthony Millican did not mince words when talking about the importance of good test scores.

“For parents, test scores do matter,” Millican told EAGnews. “They choose to live in communities based on those testing outcomes. They look at these things. Real estate agents look at these things. They do matter and in our case, we celebrate success.”

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