April 4 | EdVoice

Sacramento, CA – After years of contentious debate and no progress to fix the complex law governing appeals of the suspension and dismissal of permanent certificated school employees, the Legislature finally has a viable chance to act on a comprehensive measure to protect students and staff from abusers in California public schools and streamline all adverse action appeals.

AB 215 expedites the hearings of due process appeals by employees dismissed for sexually or physically abusing students or other staff, or who try to sell controlled substances to minors. The bill also significantly streamlines the appeals process of other misconduct and chronic unsatisfactory performance suspension and dismissal adverse actions.  

“Unfortunately, it’s no secret that when it comes to dismissing an adult for committing unthinkable acts against a child in a California public school, the law is broken. The bottleneck of procedural complexities and costs of permanent school employee dismissal appeals ties the hands of districts and incentivizes shocking settlement agreements,” said Bill Lucia, President of EdVoice.