March 23 | San Francisco Chronicle

By Heather Knight

Anybody used to sitting through public comment at Board of Supervisors meetings knows the vent sessions are usually mind-numbing affairs requiring a lot of caffeine and even more patience.

That certainly wasn’t the case Wednesday night as scores of teachers lined up to speak for hours about the devastation being wrought on their profession in San Francisco. The stories were riveting and heart-wrenching. Two-, three- and even five-hour daily commutes. Paying 75 percent of their salary for a studio apartment for their family of three. The “lucky” ones who have their own in-law units without kitchens.

Working two or three side jobs to make rent. Couch-surfing with other teachers after an eviction. Seeing multiple colleagues from their schools leave every year for better salaries and cheaper rent elsewhere. Wondering how much longer they can remain in the job they love.

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