March 1 | The San Francisco Chronicle

By Jill Tucker

Teacher Kathleen Florita recited from memory a note she received from a student at San Francisco's historically low-performing Everett Middle School.

"Please don't leave like everyone else does," wrote the student.

Florita would have been among the first to get a pink slip this year in what has become an annual ritual of teacher layoffs based on her low seniority.

It appears not this year.

The San Francisco school board set aside seniority rights Tuesday night to save the jobs of 70 low-seniority teachers in 14 low-performing schools. Many of the teachers were brought in just last year to help improve the schools.

The board's decision, on a 5-1 vote, would protect teachers in those schools - even those without seniority - when the district issues layoff notices in March. State law requires that the final decision to deviate from seniority in the layoff process be left to an administrative law judge.

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